Website SEO Audit

A complete website Search Engine Optimization audit will reveal both issues and opportunities to address.

Identify Issues, Errors and Opportunities to Improve On-Site SEO.

Get a free SEO analysis of your website, to help you determine how successful it is at drawing visitors and generating leads. Our in-house SEO Experts will analyze your site to find all of the desktop and mobile SEO issues that may be keeping your site from ranking on search engines like Google.

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Just when you think you understand how the search engines find and rank your website, the algorithms change and you’re left scrambling to keep up.  Maybe your website is found easily but you’re not converting visitors into customers.   Let us do a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s current performance and show you new ways to:

  • Understand and use analytics as a guide to better results
  • Develop and enhance a conversion strategy
  • Research and uncover opportunities to demolish your competition
  • Create an action plan that will meet your goals

Your Website Audit Reports Includes:

Visibility Issues

The first thing we check for are visibility problems – i.e., can a search engine crawl through your site and discover content? You’ll get a tally of all page errors, blocked pages, redirects and malware.

Optimize meta data

Meta data is easy to miss because it’s invisible when viewing a page in a browser, but it’s very important to search engines because it directly affects visibility.

If you’ve duplicated it, forgotten it or haven’t spent the time to optimize it, your site will suffer the consequences.

Site Auditor checks for page titles and meta descriptions – if they’re missing or duplicated, and, if they exist, if they’re too long or too short. In addition, it checks to make sure you didn’t forget to put your Google Analytics tracking code on the page.

Fix duplicate and shallow content

Duplicate content won’t ruin a site, but it’s not ideal, because you’re entrusting search engines to pick which page to display in the SERPs.

Our Site Auditor finds and reports on pages that have duplicate content. It also checks for pages with a low word count (250 words or less), which can be interpreted by search engines as irrelevant or low quality pages.

Find broken and non-optimized internal and external links

Broken links – internal and external – suck for users. And if there are enough of them, it can send a low-quality signal to search engines that affect how visible your site is in the SERPs.

Site Auditor checks both text and image links, and reports if they are broken, and if they are missing anchor text or descriptive ALT text. It also reports on links that use rel=”nofollow”.

Optimize images for search engines

Images are often ignored by webmasters, but optimized images can significantly increase site traffic.

The Site Auditor checks every image to make sure it has ALT text and title text. It also reports on any images that are broken or missing.

Detect and identify semantic data

Headings like H1 and H2 help provide semantic context for site content to both human visitors and search engine bots. does something similar, except that it uses structured data called microdata to communicate complex types of data. For example, microdata can be used to communicate events, recipes or a company’s contact details. Using microdata can produce rich snippets that help your site perform better in the SERPs.

Our Site Auditor detects the presence or absence of headings, and also detects and identifies microdata.

Test page speed

A faster site can result in increased engagement and conversions. It’s also a ranking factor for Google.

Site Auditor tests your homepage and provides a comprehensive page speed report to help fix speed problems.


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